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August 14th 2013

All tapes are sold out. Hopefully something new will happen soon.
Look for sold out tapes at these fine places:
Tomentosa, Further Records, Hausu Mountain, APOP Records, Deep Thoughts JP.

PRICING: all tapes are $8 each.

SHIPPING: USA- shipping included.
CANADA- add $5 for 1st tape, $2 for each additional.
WORLD- add $10 for 1st tape, $3 for each additional.

UNGUENT - "Dust Desk" C50

Philadelphia's Lance Simmons, previously of the Dick Neff
and Mirror Men projects, brings us his newest solo endeavor,
Unguent. "Dust Desk" is a long confounding journey through
a parched audio desert ripe with mental illness. Queasy squiggling
synth lines float in front of a mirage of mellow and soothing
loops, briefly suggesting melodies before collapsing back into
a pool of demented buffoonery. Hand silkscreened covers and pro
dubbed tapes.





MOTH COCK - "Wiz Widit" C30

A tape inspired by the degraded language skills required in certain
ordering processes, "Wiz Widit" starts with a sparse array of aquatic
gurgles set against a backdrop of distant breezy clarinet. Natural peaks
are reached and sudden dramatic shifts occurr via the introduction of
choppy rhythm patterns, perplexing samples, and blasts of generally
zonked out sound. Hand silkscreened covers and pro-dubbed tapes.